Thursday, 28 July 2011


Ive never really took time to sit and write this, but, i think i should now...

Lets start with rap, a amazing form of music which requires a huge amount talent and creativity. Recently while listening to Dr. Dre & Others - East Coast West Coast Killaz rap video, with the illuminati at the back of my mind i hear;

" Gentlemen we have a problem which has the potential to become a very serious problem, the east coast and west coast speration is exactly the weapon the enemy need to destory our EMPIRE, so what we need to do is bring together some of the biggest, strongest and smartest forces in the millemium and this will be the begining of the aftermath "

[In the foreground Dr.dre smokes a cigar, in the background there are graffiti eyes on the wall (A illuminati symbol?)]

So im thinking, well that odd, why have that in the song, but i carry on watching afew minutes later the 'crew' walk passed a big picture with another eye on (At this point im looking for symbols and hints in the lyrics). Then its just usual rap until a womans mouth appears on a TV with a tannoy at about 3:05 into the video and says;

"Welcome to the New World Order,
You are now under martial law,
All constituional rights have been suspended "

Now thats all i got out of that song but ive heard music by eminem and dr.dre with refrences to the illuminati which i cannot remember.

"East Coast/West Coast Killas"

East coast (killer), West coast (killer) [repeat 8X][Verse One: RBX]While childish MC's battle over coastal fronts I come with no fronts and smash in monkey frontsIf you want to be evil like Knieval then jumpI guarantee your punk ass catch the speed lumpThe tactics, extract, morbid thoughts from the mentalcustom designed, for instrumentalYes indeedy, lyrical graffitiAnd this one's a burner, babyTruck, like Toyata drivenTrue and livin drivin with the gatUhh, pop the clutch, let the Cold Crush rushThen I flush wack materialThat's if I don't mash them all to mushHush, let me burst, dare I gushCock-diezel cutsLyrical arsenal equivalent to arsenic East coast (killer), West coast (killer) [repeat 4X] [Verse Two: KRS-One]Yo, why do they make me wanna ruin they career?Before I bust your shit let's get one thing clearDon't provoke Kris no joke thisI don't ride no rapper's nutsac yo I stay focusedBeefin without skills seekin will only weakenThe artist speakin over beats and, you be cheatinCacaphony of small talent rappers, claimin a coastover instrumentals, ain't got no real street credentialsHere come the philosopher hip-hopppin ya correctlyIgnorant ass MC's continue to tempt meLyrics be empty like Alcatraz cellblockToo many MC's rappin causin lyrical gridlockLyrical syllables interlock in my voiceboxYet I'm still unknown like the X on SadatJust your typical, non-topicalFlex the optical illusion weak metaphoric style you be usinI check one-two's and who's in the houseLike shit your lyrics ooze out ya mouthWhattyou think this is? KRS-One from the Bronx kid! East coast (killer), West coast (killer) [repeat 8X]Welcome to the New World OrderYou are now under martial lawAll constituional rights have been suspended [Verse Three: B-Real]The most scandalous, cut the bad apple, we can handle thisCoast trippin goin on through out the businessEast Coast West Coast anybody killer!I don't give a fuck where you from I'ma Killa Hill-erI got crews on both sides togetherDeeper than the ocean and down for whateverFool I can roll through any blockfrom Central to Westland Avenue, without my glockBut some niggaz can't survive on both sidesSo they try and break off, eliminate tiesFools got to get wise, better realizeTrue, enemy lies killin in the highriseoffice, analyzing the songLook at them red niggaz, don't even get alongKill that noise, four niggaz bringin the skillMad caps get peeled if you oppose the Hill Yeah that's right fool, you know who, the mighty Group TherapyThe mighty mighty Aftermath brigade, letting all you sound boys knowYou're not ready to rumble or test thisKill that noise! East coast (killer), West coast (killer) [repeat 8X][Verse Four: Nas Escobar]Now when I bomb like Sadaam, the world feels The Wrath of KhanDesert Storm in this modern day BabylonI be the twelve disciples strap armsAll black on running your spot hit the safe and I'm goneLike a thief wrong, I keep the long 38 warmSilent and calm, and blackout when the beef is onFocus on your rap holsters, noticeI'm evil like the Exorcist to the locustsFerocious thoughts, are mergin at nightLike Jehovah towards the virgin in whiteI'm wrapped in a turban for spiteLike a Israelite snatchin hoes up, my flow's upWhen the fuckin world blows up throw your hands upIt's a holdup, frontin like you down for the realto make a meal, but when plan fold, nigga you squeallike Heavy Heel, but what's the fuckin deal? East coast (killer) West coast (killer) [repeat 16X] 

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