Makes you Think

July 2011

Well its SAD watching the majority of music videos today.

You have to ask who had creative control and power. 
Many artists absolutely hate their videos and the direction the director takes. One example Nirvana teen spirit.
The video had absolutely nothing to do with the song, I think kurt hated it. 

So did dr. dre even have any input as far as the eye, who knows. plus "the man" is a common theme in rap, in american, amoung many lower economic co-cultures, what better group to label as the man, then the nwo. plus it's not like just because they are rap artists they don't read. who knows maybe Hulk Hogan was promoting the nwo, when he started the NWO group of wrestlers, or maybe he just heard it, thought it was a kickass idea to exploit, and wanted a new direction. then again, maybe Ted Tuner only liked Hulk Hogan's idea because he's apart of NWO.